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Satyaki Ghosh grew up on a staple diet of meaningful cinema and black & white photography at Kolkata. He started his professional career on the sets of “Ghare Bhaire” by the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

People photography is his passion. From the aesthetics of sensual art to rustic appeal of tribal life, his camera captures every reality. Each of his frames seems to open a dialogue with the viewer. He relishes the world of colour in equal measure. His illimitable range spans across Fashion, Lifestyle, Advertising, Reportage, Documentary Shoots and the likes.

Satyaki has won several international awards. One of his campaigns Teach India has bagged Grand Prix in Spikes Asia and nominated in the Cannes for Lions.

He travels extensively abroad as well as in his home country on global assignments.

Satyaki is presently based in Mumbai.

Photo Courtesy: Pradeep Chandra

Expression of Simplicity

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